The below listed are the basic components in SOA.

  • Service Provider
  • Service Consumer
  • Service Registry

The below figure explains how the components are interlinked.

Basic Components of SOA

Service Provider is responsible for providing the services and the details of the services. The service provider can decide whether the service needs to be secured or can be used by anyone. The cost implication and the traffic of using the service needs to be thought about. There will be an interface  provided by the service provider so that any service taht needs to be accessed can be achieved with the help of the interface.

The service provider can decide whether the services needs to be listed or not and what should be the agreement that should be set between the consumer for accessing the services.

Most of the cases the service provider publishes the interface and the access details with the Service Registry

Service Registry implementers should carefully think and decide on the implementation and access strategy of the services by the service consumers. The ownership of making the service interface public resides with the service registry. The implementers should consider about the scope that is involved.  There are pubic service registries that can be accessed over the internet and there are private service registries which is accessible to only restricted or role based consumers

Service Consumer ensures that it’s possible to locate the service that is registered in the service registry and binds to the service provider is obtained. The service consumers invoke the service that is defined.

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