SOA can be perceived differently based on the role each perform in their job. Now let’s see how we can define SOA or Service Oriented Architecture.

Service – Service is nothing but a task  or a method that is used to execute an activity. For example we can consider – checking balance availability of an account or checking the validity of a credit card

Service Orientation – is a mechanism by which the services are linked and integrated so that an outcome is produced.

Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA) is an architectural style that supports service orientation.

SOA components


As mentioned earlier, service is a repeatable business task . These services are used to encapsulate the functional units of an application by having an interface that is defined . The implementation details should be independent.
Service orientation defines the way by which the linked services are integrated for an application and the business process are catered SOA can be perceived differently be different people.

From a business perspective SOA is nothing but a mechanism by which the business services are integrated and can be used within the enterprise and outside the enterprise for business applications.This may be a business design which the enterprise want to use internally or with it’s partners or supporters.

From an implementation level, SOA is a attained using standards based infrastructure , web protocols and programming model.
When  you look SOA from an operation perspective, it’s basically nothing but a set of agreements between the service provide and consumer and the probable IT metrics that can be produced.
A composite application is nothing but a set integrated services that support the business process and the follow the principles of SOA.

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