There are fine entry points that IBM has defined based on the customer experiences .This can help you and your business benefit by implementing predefined SOA solutions. These entry points are driven by both business needs (people, process, and information entry points) and IT needs (connectivity and reuse entry points). Here are general descriptions of the five entry points:

People: This entry point to SOA focuses on the user experience to help generate innovation and greater collaboration, which enables consistent human and process interaction, thus improving business productivity. Using SOA you can, for example, create service-based portlets to increase this collaboration.

Process: The process entry point helps companies know what is happening in their business, allowing them to improve existing business models. Using SOA you can transform your business processes into reusable and flexible services, allowing you to improve and optimize these new processes.

Information: Using this entry point to SOA you can leverage information in your company in a consistent and visible way. By providing this consistent and trusted information throughout all areas of your business, you empower all areas of your company to innovate, thus allowing you to compete more effectively. Using SOA you have better control over your information, and by aligning information with your business processes you can discover interesting new relationships.

Connectivity: Take advantage of the connectivity entry point in order to effectively connect your infrastructure, integrating all of the people, processes, and information in your company. By having flexible SOA connections between services, and throughout your environment, you can take an existing business process and deliver it without much effort through a different business channel. You can even connect to external partners outside your firewall in a secure way.

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Reuse: Reusing services with SOA allows you to tap into the services that already exist in your company. By building from your existing resources you can streamline your business processes, ensure consistency throughout your company, and cut development time. All of this saves you time and money. You also reduce any duplication of functionality in your services and get to take advantage of using the proven core applications the people in your company are familiar with.

We’ll match these entry points with various scenarios, using a fictitious company called JK Enterprises, in order to implement a specific SOA approach.This is explained in detail in the scenarios.