What is HTML 5?

HTML 5 they have made it all the more clear by making component names for those segments which makes your HTML more readable.

The following are more points of interest of the HTML 5 components which structure the page structure.

  • <header> – Represents header information of HTML.
  • <footer> – Footer segment of the page.
  • <nav> – Navigation components in the page.
  • <article> – Self-contained substance.
  • <section> – Used inside article to characterize segments or gathering substance into areas.
  • <aside> – Represent side bar substance of a page.
What is the major different of HTML and HTML5?

In HTML is nothing all the more feature where in Html5 Lot of new future such as Video, Audio, mp3, date select function, Canvas, placeholder , 2d, 3d Graphics, Local SQL Databases added with the no need  to external plug-in such as  Flash player and other library.

What is output element in HTML5?

Output element is required when you require calculating from two inputs to be summarized into a name. Case in point you have two textboxes and you need to include numbers from these textboxes and send them to a mark.


Below code of how to utilize output element with the HTML5

form onsubmit="return false"  &ouml;ninput="o.value = parseInt(a.value)
<input name="m" type="number"> +
<input name="n" type="number"> =
<output name="o"/>

You can likewise supplant “parseInt” with “valueasnumber” for effortlessness. You can likewise use “for” in the yield component for more intelligibility.

<output name="o" for="a b"></output>

What is canvas in HTML 5?

Canvas is a HTML area on which you can draw graphics.

<canvas id=""xCanvas"" height=""800""
width=""900"" style=""border: 1px">

Get access to canvas area

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To draw on the canvas area we have to first get reference of the connection segment. The following is the code for canvas segment.

var c=document.getelementbyid("xCanvas");
var ctx=c.getcontext("2d");

Draw the graphic

Presently once you have admittance to the setting article we can begin drawing on the connection. So first call the “move” strategy and begin from a point, utilization line system and draw the line and afterward apply stroke over it.

 What are selectors in CSS?

Selectors help to choose an element to which you need to apply a style. For instance underneath is a straightforward style called as ‘introduction” which applies red shade to background of a HTML element.


To apply the above “introduction” style to div we can utilize the “class” selector as demonstrated in the below figure.

<div class="intro">
<p>MSy name is Meraj Ansari.</p>
<p>I write Interview questions.</p>

How can you define that local storage concept in HTML 5?

Some time we use the local data store about the client locally store in computer. For instance we should say client has half-filled a long structure and abruptly the web association severs. So the client would like you to store this data by regional standards and when the web comes back. He might want to get that data and send it to the server for capacity.