What are the data attribute good for HTML 5?

The data attribute in HTML 5 provide assigns custom data to an element. The Data was built to store sensitive and private data that is attractive to an application or page, for which there are no other matching elements or attributes.

What is the major difference between HTML 5 interaction in Sencha and Twitter/Bootstrap?

The Sencha and Twitter/Bootstrap are both HTML development frameworks that integrate HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The basic difference is that in Sencha the three languages are all combined together in code and in Bootstrap HTML and CSS and decoupled.

Can you get the geographical position of a user in HTML 5?

Yes, the HTML 5 can get the location of a user with the use of Geolocation API (Application Programming Interface).

What does manifest file?

The Manifest file is a so simple text file that provides the browser what to cache and what cache and what not to cache:

CACHE MANIFEST- This file provides listed here is cached after they are downloaded for the first time.

NETWORK- Define files listed here require a connection to the server and never cached.

FALLBACK- Fallback provides files listed here specify fallback pages if a page is inaccessible.

Which tags are used for a multi-line text input control?

The textarea tag is used for a multi-line text input control.

What do you mean by a DTD?

Document type definition

If you use a heading tag in a document what does the web browser assumes?

The heading information is to appear on its own line.

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What does the cellspacing attribute in HTML 5?

The cellSpacing provide the space between two cells.

Do all HTML tags always come in pair?

No, not all HTML tags come in pair. For example <img>, <br>

Why using frames in HTML 5?

Frames provide it easier to navigate through a site. The links that appear in the frame can display throughout the site.

How can I hide my source in HTML 5?

No, you cannot hide your source as it required by the browser to appear your document.

What is the use of SPAN in HTML 5?

The SPAN used for following reason:

  • Highlight the any color text
  • For including colored text
  • Adding for background image to text

What does a <hgroup> tag do in HTML 5?

The tag <hgroup> is used to group heading elements. The <hgroup> element is used to group a set of <h1> to <h6>.

For example:

<h1> Hello Mr. Meraj Ansari</h1>
<h2>How are you?</h2>