Welcome to tutorial of Java 8. This tutorial will assist programmers who want to use the new features of Java programming language introduced in Java SE 8, it includes working examples as images or source code if necessary.

What’s new in JDK 8: This document  summarizes few  features and enhancements, as follows

Java Programming Language

  • Default methods :  are methods in an interface that have an implementation.
  •  Lambda Expressions : it enables passing a method as argument to another method.
  • Functional Interfaces : are interfaces with only one abstract method. Like  Comparable , Comparator, Runnable,  Action Listener and so on.
  • Repeating Annotations : allows to apply the same annotation type more than once to the same declaration.
  • Parallel Array Operations : lets  you to operate on arrays and collections in parallel to maximize use of Concurreny.
  • New date / time APIs : Java 8 implemented its own new date / time API from scratch.
  • Interface Improvements : Interfaces can now define static methods.



  • java.util.stream : provides utilities “to support functional-style operations on streams of elements” (quoting the javadoc). The most common way to obtain a stream will be from a collection.
  • Performance Improvement for HashMaps with Key Collisions.
  • Collections API additions.
  • Concurrency API additions.



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