In a normal JSF application there will be one or more backing beans.Backing bean can also define methods that can perform different functions associated with a component, validation, event handling, and navigation processing.
JSF – faces-config.xml Description
Defines the backing beans :
Name used in EL in template
Scope controlled (request, session, etc.)
Defines navigation rules :

Based on views
Where from (view)
Which outcome (id)
Where to go (view)

It can match outcomes using wildcards.
JSF – faces-config Snapshot


JSF – Backing beans

Typical bean with getters and setters and additional methods to handle actions

Store data needed for processing the user actions using setters
Retrieve data using getters and methods
Process actions using methods
JSF – Backing bean Snapshot

 public class Second extends PageCodeBase {
 private Integer id;
 public String doButton1Action() {
 // Type Java code that runs when the component is clicked
 // TODO: Return outcome that corresponds to a navigation rule
 return "back";
 public Integer getId() {
 return id;
 public void setId(Integer id) { = id;
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