Before getting into the details of JSP, believe that you have some knowledge on  html and basics of Java. If so we suggest to go ahead with the below details. This tutorial teaches JSP by progressing from very simple examples to complex examples. Advanced learners may want to do a quick review of the introductory material and skip to the lessons appropriate to their level. If you are job seeker then you may please check the JSP Interview Questions.

JSP Tutorial for beginners

The steps in the tutorial are outlined below:

  • Writing your first JSP – What it takes to write a JSP. This is explored here.
  • Dynamic contents and expressions– Here you learn on what is the dynamic thing in JSP and the expressions that go in to create a JSP.
  • Scriptlets Learn the basics of Scriptlets
  • Working with scriptlets and HTML  – In JSP, we work with scriptlets and and HTML to provide the dynamism. Let’s explore it  here.
  • JSP Directives – Learn the basics of Directives here.
  • JSP Declarations – Learn the basics of Declarations here.
  • JSP tags  – Let’s explore what is in JSP Tags here.
  • Sessions If you want to retain a user with his credentials you need to maintain session. If you are programming the site, it is very helpful to be able to associate some data with each visitor.  For this purpose, “session”s can be used in JSP.
  • JSP Security– Understand about security in JSP
  • JSP Debugging– Learn on how to debug using JSP
  • Internationalization – How to  manage Internationalization in JSP