MongoDB is an open-source report database, and heading NoSQL database. MongoDB is written in C++, C and JavaScript.

This tutorial will provide for you a view on MongoDB ideas required to make and convey a very adaptable and execution arranged database. This content is intended for Software Professional who is eager to learn MongoDB Database in basic and simple steps. This will provide for you incredible seeing on MongoDB ideas and in the wake of finishing this tutorial you will be at middle level of ability from where you can take yourself at larger amount of aptitude.


Before undertaking with this content you ought to have an essential understanding of database, content manager and execution of projects and so forth. Since we are going to create superior database, so it will be great in the event that you have seeing on fundamental ideas of Database (RDBMS).

MongoDB is a cross-stage, archive arranged database that gives, superior, high accessibility, and simple adaptability. MongoDB deals with idea of accumulation and report.


Database is a physical compartment for accumulations. Every database gets its own particular set of documents on the record framework. A solitary MongoDB server commonly has numerous databases.


Collections are a gathering of MongoDB archives. It is what might as well be called a RDBMS table. An accumulation exists inside a solitary database. Accumulations don’t uphold a diagram. Reports inside a gathering can have distinctive fields. Ordinarily, all reports in an accumulation are of comparable or related reason.


A document is a situated of key-quality sets. Archives have dynamic schema. Dynamic schema implies that records in the same gathering don’t have to have the same set of fields or structure, and regular fields in an accumulation’s archives may hold diverse sorts of data.

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Advantages of MongoDB over RDBMS

  • MongoDB is record database in which one gathering holds diverse archives. Number of fields, substance and size of the record might be contrast starting with one archive then onto the next.
  • Structure of a solitary item is clear
  • No intricate joins
  • Profound inquiry capacity. MongDB  helps dynamic inquiries on records utilizing a record based inquiry dialect that is almost as capable as SQL
  • Tuning
  • Simplicity of scale-out: MongoDB  is not difficult to scale
  • Transformation/ mapping of use articles to database protests not required
  • Utilizes inward memory for putting away the (windowed) working set, empowering quicker get to of data

Why should use MongoDB

  • Report Oriented Storage : Data is put away as JSON style reports
  • File on any quality
  • Replication & High Availability
  • Auto-Sharding
  • Rich Queries
  • Quick In-Place Updates
  • Expert Support By MongoDB

Where should use MongoDB?

  • Enormous Data
  • Content Management and Delivery
  • Portable and Social Infrastructure
  • Client Data Management
  • Data Hub

Create MongoDB on Windows

To create the MongoDB on windows, first download the most recent arrival of MongoDB from Make beyond any doubt you get right form of MongoDB relying on your windows rendition. To get your windows adaptation open execute the below command.

C:\>wmic os get os architectureOsarchitecture64-bitC:\>

32-bit variants of MongoDB just help databases more diminutive than 2GB and suitable just for testing and assessment purposes.

Presently separate your downloaded document to c:\ drive or another area. Verify name of the concentrated folder is MongoDB-win32-i386-[version] or MongoDB-win32-x86_64-[version]. Here [version] is the adaptation of MongoDB downloaded.

Run the below command

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C:\>move MongoDB-win64-* MongoDB1 dir(s) moved.C:\>


Once the above command is executed,  then go to that way by utilizing command cd FOLDER/DIR and now run the above given methodology.

MongoDB obliges a data organizer to store its documents. The default area for the MongoDB data catalog is c:\data\db. So you have to make this folder utilize the Command Prompt. Execute the below command

C:\>md dataC:\md data\db

Once you have executed the commans, then you have to determine any exchange way for \data\db by setting the way dbpath in mongod.exe. For the same issue after charges

In brief explore to the receptacle catalog present into the MongoDB installation folder . Assume my installation directory is D:\set up\MongoDB

C:\users\XYZ>d:D:\>cd “set up”D:\set up>cd MongoDBD:\set up\MongoDB>cd containerD:\set up\MongoDB\bin>mongod.exe -dbpath “d:\set up\MongoDB\data”

Once this is done you will get the screen results which shows whether the mongod.exe is running effectively.