MongoDB is a documented oriented database that is mainly used for cross platform based applications. Instead of schema based relational database , MongoDB is more like a document database which uses dynamic schema and uses JSON sort of documents.
MongoDB is an open-source software. Lot of companies are using this as a back-end software and is the fastest growing NoSQL database. MongoDB is mainly written n C++, JavaScript and C.

Here you can learn about the basics of MongoDB. Concepts like Replication, Sharding are covered below. How MongoDB handle Relationships are also addressed here.

Some advanced topics like MongoDB GridFS and MongoDB Text Search is listed. How to work with Rockmongo is  also mentioned. This section on MongoDB Tutorial will explain about the basics of MongoDB that will be useful for a  beginner to learn about  this technology. There are  MongoDB Tutorial PDF guides
also in this section.  Visit the MongoDB  Video tutorial at youtube.

MongoDB is an open-source report database, and heading NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed in c++.

MongoDB Tutorial PDF guides




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