New Android Interview Questions and Answers for beginners

What are the life cycle methods of Activity?

  • onCreate( )
  • onStart( )
  • onResume( )
  • onPause( )
  • onStop( )
  • onRestart( )
  • onDestroy( )

What do you mean by Activity?

An Activity is like a frame or window in java that represents a GUI (Graphical User Interface). It provides one screen of android.

What is the Intent?

The Intent is a special type of message or information that is passed to the components. That is used to launch an activity, display a web page, send SMS, and send E-mail and so on. There are two types of intents in android.

  • Explicit Intent
  • Implicit Intent

What is explicit Intent?

The explicit Intent is used to invoke the activity class.

What is implicit intent?

An implicit Intent is used to invoke the systems.

Which database is used in Android?

The name of the database used in android is SQLite. It provides opensource and lightweight relation database for mobile devices.

How can work service in Android?

A service is a component that runs in the background. That is used to play music, handle network transaction and so on.

How to explain AAPT?

The AAPT stands for android asset packaging tools. It can handle the packaging process.

What is a content provider in Android?

The content providers are used to share information between android apps.

What do you mean by fragment?

The fragment is the kind of activity, it helps to we can display multiple screens on one activity.

How to call different activity in android?

Intent mAnsari= new Intent(getApplicationContext(), ActivityThree.class);

What do you mean by ADB?

ADB is acronyms Android Debug Bridge. This is a command line tools that is used for communicate with the emulator instance.

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Which are four Java classes related to the use of sensor on the Android platform?

There are following four Java classes with the use of sensor on the Android platform are:


This method provides to identify which capabilities are available for a specific sensor.


This method provides for registering sensor event listeners and calibrating sensors.


This method provides raw sensor data, including information regarding efficiency.


It defines callback methods that will receive sensor event notifications.

What is the difference between a fragment and an activity?

Activity is typically a single, focused operation that a user can perform. But the same time there is nothing that precludes a developer from creating an activity that is arbitrarily complex.

The fragment is essentially a modular section of an activity within its own lifecycle , input events and it can be added or removed at will.