New Android Interview Questions and Answers for beginners

What is the difference between DVM and JVM (Java Virtual machine)?

The DVM s faster than JVM and DVM are under a free license

How many types Dialog classes available in android?

There are four types of Dialog classes available in the android:

  1. Alert dialog
  2. Date picker dialog
  3. Time picker dialog
  4. Progress dialog

Which component is not started by intent?

Content provider

Why android is popular?

Because android is a free platform to develop mobile applications, and the android is under the Apache license that means you can download code and use it for free of cost and make money out of it. No one asks for any royalty fee. The profit margins are very high.

What is the difference between an android and ios?

An ios programs are Developed in c-with objects which is very tough for normal programmers to code. But android is based on Java, which is very easy to understand. The first major advantage of android over iOS.

Why android comes into existence?

It supports individual developers and small companies to come up with critical ideas to develop applications and earn more money without paying any royalty.

Why android is slow?

Because many background services might be running which consumes lots of memory, such as Facebook service, google map service and other google services always keep running in the background to synchronize data from gmail and Facebook.

What is the difference between an android and windows?

Because there are very less number of free applications for Windows phones in play stores, but there are more than seventh lack android applications in play store. Most of the android applications in play store are free applications. So the user doesn’t need to pay for downloading applications.

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What is the difference between an android and iPhone?

An iPhone is solely founded by Apple Company, where many of the android devices are released by companies such as Samsung, LG, and so on. The Google has a very less contribution releasing android build phones except nexus phones and tablets.

What is the folder structure of android application?

There is some folder structure of android application:

  • src
  • gen
  • bin
  • values

Which kernel (Operating System) is used in android?

An Android is based on the Linux 3.6 version.

How to make a phone call from an android application?

Intent in = new Intent ();In.setAction(IntentACTION_CALL);

Which programming language should be used to create applications in android?

The initial stage android application development was limited to using only Java. But later with NDK (Native Development Kit) programmers can use C and C++ to write applications.

Which company has released first android phone?

In 2008 first android phone came from HTC.