Ajax Tutorials

AJAX is immediately enhancing into a basic part of a different websites, a different secure brands online use now AJAX to hold their web applications on the due that it gives better intelligence to their user. This is due to the way AJAX is built on a website, do not require a page to be […]

Let’s understand the different technologies used in AJAX JavaScript Generally we write script language The JavaScript function is called when an event in a page appear The key player in the entire AJAX operation DOM Programming interface for getting to and controlling organized document Show the structure of XML and HTML document CSS The clear […]

Ajax or ‘Asynchronous JavaScript and XML’ is a generally new and dynamic technology on the web, which runs in asynchronous way to interact with the server.  In a classical web approach for making another need the browser needed to refresh whole page and reload it, which was both timeless and data transfer capacity expending.  Here […]

There are lot of Ajax Tools available in the market. Below we list a common and most frequently used ajax tools and ajax libraries.Code libraries and tools for the development of your Ajax Web based applications. These days Ajax has been used for the development of responsive web application making it more user friendly. You can make […]

In this section we will create a simple Ajax example for displaying the current date and time. This ajax example will help you to understand how ajax works.Date and time information are retrieved asynchronously from the server side php script. Our HTML page calls serverside php script to retrieve the today’s date. Once the time […]

Direct Web Remoting is widely used in lot of web based applications. DWR will generate the JavaScript to allow web browsers to securely call into Java codealmost as if it was running locally. It can marshal virtually any data including collections, POJOs, XML and binary data like images and PDF files. All that is required is a security […]

What is AJAX ? AJAX is not a new technology but a combination of several existing technologies in a new way. These include HTML, CSS, DOM, XML, XSLT, XMLHttpRequest and Javascript. The acronym AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX is based on open standards supported by many browsers and platforms. AJAX is a new paradigm for building […]

How Ajax works might have fascinated many developers and programmers.Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In a nutshell, it is the use of the nonstandard XMLHttpRequest() object to communicate with server-side scripts. It can send as well as receive information in a variety of formats, including XML, HTML, and even text files. Ajax’s most […]

Here is a list of commonly asked AJAX questions with answers for interviews. What is AJAX? In one sense, AJAX is simply an acronym for “Asynchronous JavaScript And XML” In another, it is a protocol for sending requests from a client (web page) to a server, and how the information is / should be communicated […]