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How to debug Android applications when your emulators are slow? This is one of the most common problems you face when you don’t have a high end machine to run the Android Emulator. As you know, the Android emulator is damn slow and especially if you want to work with the Google API version 18 […]

What is Android? Android is a stack of software for mobile which has an OS (Operating System), middleware some key applications. The application proceeds within its own process and its own instance of Dalvik Virtual Machine. The various Virtual Machines run efficiently by a DVM device. The DVM proceeds Java language’s byte code, which later […]

Here we’ll go though the common mistakes that Android developers do. These are the eight common mistakes that  Android developers do. Does not read the Android developer documentation They are not familiar with the Android development tools and not realizing the difference between real world and development environment in Android OS They don’t seek help from the Android development community Due […]

This article will stress about the detail of the basics that an Android developer or anyone working in the Android field should know. 1)      Support: – Support is given to all kind of development systems. There are lot of support groups that help Android developers.  Google Android groups support issues to all android development. Their […]

As the development of Android applications are growing in the recent years it’s good to know about android development. This tutorial on android application development gives a good understanding about android sdk tools and android app development. Android development tools (ADT) is a type of plug in for the Eclipse IDE and it is a powerful, integrated environment […]

This section on Android exceptions explains the exceptions and the work around for android exception that occur in android application development  Android system creates some problems or errors and here we are discussing how to handle these errors. These are the type errors generated by an android system and define how to handle these errors. Clean Project Problems with Android Debug […]

Android layout is widely used in the android application development.Android Preferences permits to save data for our application and stores as key values. The preference definition can also be done through an XML resource. The “PreferenceActivity” class extends the class Activity and it permits the simple handling of preferences. The above activity helps to load […]

Here we are discussing how to create an Android project. This section on creating the android project will be your stepping stone for a strong foundation in developing an Android Project 1) Create Project Select File → New → Other → Android → Android Project and create the Android project “”. Enter the following. Press […]

Learn how the Menus and Action Bar work in Android. Android uses two different ways to display global actions which the user can select. They are Usage of Action Bar Usage of Menu Usage of Action Bar Action Bar is type of window feature at the top of the activity that display the following ones […]

This article will give an insight into the Android Fragment.For the organization purpose of our application code we use fragment components .These components has their own life cycle and their own user interface. It can be defined through layout files or coding. Fragments always run in the context of an Activity. The Activity is stopped […]