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Top 5 Java Books for beginners – download, pdf and HTML These are the top 5  java books which every professional or amateur in java should go through. Even though there are lot of website that provide data, these books are of immense value. These 5 java books will be an asset at any point in […]

Java SE 8 had refactored the date time implementations to improve internal consistency and  readability without changing its function.  Java prior versions has been missing a consistent approach for Date and Time API which led the developers to mix up while using the API. Java 8 Date and Time API is one of the most sought after […]

One interesting feature of the new Stream API is that a Stream can be parallel, the operations are automatically done in parallel.  No explicit multi-threading code is required. The methods are stream() and parallelStream() which are default methods and have been written in Collection interface. With the help of these methods, we can write the […]

Java SE 8 introduces a new package which allows to perform filter (or) map (or) reduce like operations with the collections in Java. The helps us to do bulk data operations. As we acquire a stream instance, we can perform interesting tasks with collections. In simple words, a Stream is something like an […]

Java SE 8 introduces a new and important feature known as Lambda expressions, this feature enable you to treat functionality as method argument (or) code as data. Before going into Lambda expressions lets have few code examples. Anonymous Inner Class This allows to implement classes that may occur only one in an application. Let us […]

This is the new features Java 8 introduced which allows developers to add new methods to the interfaces with method body without breaking the existing implementation of these interface. There are some examples provided here. In previous versions of Java  (i.e. 1.7 or 1.6 or 1.5 or lower versions)  Interfaces always  contained method declaration not […]

Welcome to tutorial of Java 8. This tutorial will assist programmers who want to use the new features of Java programming language introduced in Java SE 8, it includes working examples as images or source code if necessary. What’s new in JDK 8: This document  summarizes few  features and enhancements, as follows Java Programming Language […]

Java is one of the popular languages in the open source world. Here we are listing ten things which a java developer should know. These can be considered as features of java and highlights of why Java is so popular. Simple and Secure Portable Object-oriented Robust Multithreaded Architecture-neutral Interpreted High performance Distributed Dynamic Simple Java […]

Autoboxing in Java Autoboxing in Java means the ability to convert primitive types like int, float etc to primitive primitive wrapper classes such as Integer, Float etc. The below syntax helps to show, how to converts int into Integer class. There are multiple examples here which helps to learn about boxing and unboxing. The advantages and […]

Java Annotations Java annotations are the facility to add meta-data facility to the java elements. An annotation is a special form of syntactic metadata and it is helps to add to java source code classes, methods, variables, parameters and packages may be annotated. An annotation gives data about a program. It is not part of […]