SOAP Tutorials

A SOAP message is an ordinary XML document. It contains the following elements An Envelope element – It  identifies the XML document as a SOAP message A Header element – It contains header information A Body element – It contains call and response information A Fault element – It containins errors and status information Rules […]

The SOAP <Body> contains an XML document fragment in the document-style of messaging. Its never reflect any XML structure. The run-time SOAP environment abstracts the SOAP <Body> element as it stands and hands it over to the application it is destined for unchanged. It’s sometimes associated to be a response message. Document Style also known […]

Mainly used SOAP communication models are, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Document (or Message). 1)      RPC-style SOAP Services RPC- style is a type of Web service which acts as a remote object to a client application. RPC is service specific interface. It is a type of interaction between a client and RPC-style Web service. In this […]

Features of SOAP SOAP is a communication protocol and it is used for communication between applications SOAP is a format for sending messages SOAP communicates thorough Internet Independence: – SOAP allows for any programming model. SOAP is platform independent and language independent. That is SOAP can used in any languages. SOAP is based on XML […]

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is XML-based protocol used for accessing a web services. It is used for exchanging information over HTTP. SOAP can creates the foundation layer of a web services protocol stack. SOAP was developed by Dave Winer, Don Box, Bob Atkinson, and Mohsen Al-Ghosein in 1998 for Microsoft.  The […]

This page has a good collection of SOAP interview questions and answers. At the end of this section there is a PDF guide about SOAP which will give some more insights on SOAP web Services. What are the types of information included in SOAP header? Header of SOAP contains information like that, 1. In SOAP header client […]