SOAP interview questions

What are the advantages of SOAP?

The main advantages of SOAP are given below:
1. SOAP has huge collection of protocols
2. SOAP is an platform and independent.
3. SOAP is an language independent.
4. Most important feature of SOAP is that it has Simple and extensible by nature.

Can you explain the role of XML in SOAP?

XML use by many large companies due to its open source nature.  XML is an standard format than it is accepted by many organization.
Their is a wide variety of tools are available on shelves which is use to ease the process of transition to SOAP.
Significance of XML is that to reduce the speed and efficiency.Future format of XML is binary XML.

How can you explain HTTPS in SOAP?

We can say that HTTPS is similar to HTTP But the main difference b/w them is that HTTPS has an additional layer underneath the internet application layer which is use to make encrypted data.HTTPS protocol is much better and widely than other protocols like IOP or DCOM because these procols can filtered by firewalls.
HTTP protocol provide us security when we want to transfer secured data by using advocates WS-I method.

How you define Transport methods in SOAP?

If we wanted to transfer messages from one end to another end using with Internet application layer.Using SOAP we can transport many productsfrom one end to another end.To perform this task without any error we use one of SMTP and HTTP protocols(Used in transfering information).

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How we can say that SOAP is different from traditional RPC?

The main difference b/w SOAP and Traditional RPC are given below:
In SOAP we used procedures which has named parameters and order is irrelevant Where as in XML-RPC order is relevant and parameters do not have names.

What do you mean by ESB?

ESB is stands for Enterprise Service Bus.  ESB is standard based which is most important component of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA).Using ESB we can connect applications through service interfaces.