SOAP interview questions

Explain about the syntax rules in SOAP?

Some of the important syntax rules are as follows
SOAP should be coded in XML
SOAP envelope should be used for SOAP message
A SOAP encoding namespace must be used by SOAP.
A DTD reference and a XML processing instruction should not be contained.

What are the  Transport methods in SOAP?

Internet application layer is used to transfer messages from one end to another end. Various products have been transported successfully from one end to another end using SOAP. Both SMTP and HTTP are two successful transport protocols

Explain about an example about the functioning of SOAP?

Consider a hotel database with huge data ranges. If a user wants to search about a particular term, the message with all the required features such as price, availability, place, etc will be returned to the user in an XML formatted document which the user can integrate into third party site for additional performance used in transmitting information, but HTTP has gained good ground than HTTP.

How is HTTPS  used in SOAP?

HTTPS is similar to HTTP but it has an additional layer underneath the internet application layer which makes the data encrypted. This protocol is widely used than IOP or DCOM because those protocols are filtered by firewalls. HTTPS protocol advocates WS-I method to provide security for transmission of secured data.

How is XML used in SOAP?

XML is chosen as a standard format because it was already in use by many large companies and immensely due to its open source nature. A wide variety of tools are available on shelves which ease the process of transition to SOAP. XML can significantly reduce the speed and efficiency but binary XML is being considered as a format for future.

READ  Features, Advantages and disadvantages of SOAP

List some of the advantages and dis advantages of SOAP ?


It has huge collection of protocols
It is platform and language independent
Great for the Data Center (communications are strict and structured)
Can Easily create strongly typed proxies within code from the WSDL
Simplicity and extensible nature makes it the most wanted


Soap Messages are basically not Cachable
You can’t take a SOAP message and use it within JavaScript (where more and more of our code is being placed)
SOAP is much slower than middleware technologies
Due to the usage of HTTP for transporting messages and not the defined ESB or WS-Addressing interaction of parties over a message is fixed.