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This section covers the XML Interview Questions with answers.XML is a text-based markup language that is fast becoming the standard for data interchange on the Web. Why is XML such an important development? It removes two constraints which were holding back Web developments: dependence on a single, inflexible document type (HTML) which was being much […]

What are the different views that are considered when building an object-oriented software system? Normally there are 5 views. Use Case view – This view exposes the requirements of a system. Design View – Capturing the vocabulary. Process View – modeling the distribution of the systems processes and threads. Implementation view – addressing the physical […]

Here is a list of commonly asked interview questions about EJB. What is EJB ? EJB stands for Enterprise JavaBean and is a widely-adopted server side component architecture for J2EE. It enables rapid development of mission-critical application that are versatile, reusable and portable across middleware while protecting IT investment and preventing vendor lock-in. What is […]