play framework tutorials

Integrating with Akka in Play Framework Akka utilizes the Actor Model to raise the reflection level and give a finer stage to manufacture right simultaneous and adaptable applications. For deficiency tolerance it receives the ‘Let it crash’ model, which has been utilized with extraordinary accomplishment as a part of the telecoms business to manufacture applications […]

In the connection of the Play runtime, a plugin is a class that can connect to the Play life cycle, furthermore permits offering segments in a non static manner in your application. Not any library that adds usefulness to Play – a class that give a custom channel to sample does not have to be […]

Composing tests for your application could be an included procedure. Play helps JUNIT and gives partners and application stubs to make testing your application as simple as would be prudent. Review The area for tests is in the “test” envelope. There are two example test records made in the test organizer which could be utilized […]

Now and then we might want to call other HTTP administrations from inside a Play application. Play backs this by means of its WS library, which gives an approach to make offbeat HTTP calls. There are two paramount parts to utilizing the WS API: making a solicitation, and handling the reaction. We’ll examine how to […]

Configuring JDBC Connection pools  Play gives a plug-in to overseeing JDBC association pools. You can design the same number of databases as you need. To empower the database plug-in include javaJdbc in your fabricate conditions: libraryDependencies += javaJdbc At that point you must design an association pool in the conf/application.conf document. By tradition the default […]

We  will perceive how to just uncover a XML API with the Play Framework. URL of Play! Are Restful basically, so it gets to be not difficult to make a little XML alongside the Web interface of Play Application.We should perceive how to do it. How about we take the illustration of a music library. […]

In case that you are a Java developer then you really needs to try play framework out. It is truly refreshing to take a few minutes, venture out of the takes fling universe of customary Java web application development and into something present day and function. I need to walk you through an extremely basic […]

HTTP Form Submission and validation in Play Framework The bundle holds a few assistants to handle HTTP form data submission and approval. The most effortless approach to handle a form submission is to characterize that wraps a current class: public class User { public String email; public String secret word; } Characterizing requirements […]

Play framework has a proficient template framework which permits to alertly create HTML, XML, JSON or any content based organization report. The template engine utilizes Groovy as a statement dialect. A tag framework permits you to make reusable capacities. Templates are put away in the application/sees directory. Template Syntax A template document is a content […]

Play Framework – An Introduction The Play framework is a clean option to bloated Enterprise Java stacks. It concentrates on designers’ profit and targets tranquil architectures. Play  framework is an immaculate friendly for nimble programming improvement. The Play framework’s objective is to provide web applications improvement while staying with Java. A Java framework without Pain Play […]