SOA services

Very often we think, what is SOA and why we need to go for SOA. There are many underlying factors which makes an organisation or an institution to make their architecture SOA compliant. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an IT architectural style that supports the transformation of your business into a set of linked services, or […]

These are some good links found in IBM site about SOA tutorials… It covers most of the basic and advanced topics in SOA with good detailed tutorials ….. Using model-driven development and pattern-based engineering to design SOA: Part 1. Creating UML profiles and model templates This tutorial, Part 1 of the series, discusses the relationship […]

When can we implement SOA to a system or what are the requirements that are needed to make a system SOA compliant. Requirements In order to efficiently use a SOA, one must meet the following requirements: Interoperability between different systems and programming languages provides the basis for integration between applications on different platforms through a […]