Spring materials

This tutorial provides a sample spring program to explain how the dependency injects a bean using the setter method. IOutputGenerator An interface and implemntation class of it. package com.j2eebrain.output; public interface IOutputGenerator { public void generateOutput(); } package com.j2eebrain.output.impl; import com.j2eebrain.output.IOutputGenerator; public class CsvOutputGenerator implements IOutputGenerator { public void generateOutput() { System.out.println("This is Csv Output […]

Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) is a design principle which is in some ways related to the Dependency Injection (DI) pattern. The idea of DIP is that higher layers of your application should not directly depend on lower layers. Dependency Inversion Principle does not imply Dependency Injection. This principle doesn’t say anything about how higher layers […]

Here we’ll get to see how the Spring IDE can be used. We’ll see how a small application of hello world can be done using the same. Spring IDE is an eclipse plug-in that helps in developing Spring Application. We’ll see how to install the Spring IDE and later we will create our first Spring […]