Web Service Tutorial

Developing a CreditCardservice and Deploying in Tomcat Create a directory structure Axis2Example for our Credit Card Validation Web Service as shown below in Figure 1. Figure 1. Axis2Example Project Directory Structure Create a CheckSEI.java interface with within the package com.ibm.axis2.ccheck as shown below. Listing 1. CheckSEI.java package com.ibm.axis2.ccheck; import javax.jws.WebService; @WebService (name="CheckCard", targetNamespace="http://ccheck.axis2.ibm.com") public interface […]

Select TestClient.java and Run As > Java Application (Make sure Tomcat is running). After running the TestClient, you will be prompted to enter your Credit card Number in the console as shown below: (Type your Number for example 4111111111111111 and then Press ENTER to get valid input and valid vendor) (Type your Number for example 5111111111111111 and then […]

This series on developing web services gives an insight on developing web service using Axis framework.A credit card validation example is done using the web service and the testing part is also shown in the example. A web service is a network accessible interface to application functionality, built using standard Internet technologies. The web services […]