TOGAF Certification

TOGAF is one of the highly accredited certification for software architects. SCEA( OCA) is another certification that is also of high value. This certification adds value to individuals who perform the roles of Enterprise architect/Business Architect/Application Architect/Solutions Architect/Technology Architect/Data Architect/Software Architect/IT Manager.

Ideally there is no pre-requisite for this exam and is better if you are experience in business and IT development and is performing any of the roles mentioned as a part of your job.

TOGAF stands for the ‘open group architecture framework’. TOGAF certification mainly focuses on the Architecture Development Methodology. TOGAF certification carries lot of importance in the certification world.

The below diagram represents the certification path of TOGAF

TOGAF Certification

TOGAF exams are mainly categorized into TOGAF 8 and TOGAF 9

TOGAF 8 is a single exam which is of the multiple choice format.

TOGAF 9 consists of  two exams and you need to clear both the exams to be TOGAF 9 certified.

There is one more exam – bridging one from TOGAF 8 to TOGAF 9

More can be obtained from the open group site

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