For Setting up the web services there are different tools available . Here we’ll explain some of the tools that are required to set up web services.

Web Services Development Environment

Web services rely heavily on standards and specifications. Therefore, a suitable development environment is essential for creating the Web-services-enabled applications and the Web services themselves.

Web Services Development Tools

An effective development environment is made up of tools and utilities that aid in the programming tasks of the application developer. At a minimum, the development environment should make the appropriate API available to the developer.

Enterprise platforms for Java have included Web services as part of their API offering since Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) V1.4. The latest iteration of this standard, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) V5, continues to support Web services with its current version. This means that any development environment for Java EE includes support for the creation of Web services by using the Java API for XML Web services (JAX-WS) and the Java Specification Request (JSR) 109 V1.2 specifications.

Java Standard Edition V6

Java Standard Edition (Java SE) V6 is the specification for the core runtime environment for Java-based platforms including Java EE V5. Java SE V6 includes the JAX-WS API and the default implementations of the command-line tools that are used in Web services development, such as wsimport and wsgen. Java SE V6 also includes the classes for creating endpoint publishers that allow a Web service to run on a standalone Java Runtime Environment (JRE) without being deployed to an application server.

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WebSphere Application Server V7.0

WebSphere Application Server V7.0 is the latest version of the IBM enterprise platform that is updated to the Java EE 5 standard, which includes the new Web services specifications. The JAX-WS API and class definitions are available through this runtime environment. Aside from this, WebSphere Application Server also provides several command-line tools that are used in the development of Web services. Such tools include wsimport, wsgen, schemagen, and xjc.

Web services command-line tools

WebSphere Application Server V7.0 has its own implementation of the same Web services command-line tools that the Java SE 6 development kit provides. The artifacts that are generated by the Java SE 6 version of these tools are generally portable across different runtime environments. However, for seamless integration with the WebSphere Application Server platform, use the tools that are provided with WebSphere Application Server.


Another Neat Tool or Ant has been a long-time favorite among enterprise Java programmers. It uses an XML file to manage an automated build process for particularly complicated assembly tasks, such as those used in Java EE and Web services. WebSphere Application Server has its own version of this utility called ws_ant with additional functionalities such as module deployment, starting and stopping of the server, and execution of administration scripts.

4.1.2 Integrated Development Environments and Web Services

An integrated development environment (IDE) simplifies programming tasks for application developers. An IDE plays an important role in Web services development because of the complex XML constructs that are used by these kinds of applications. Programming Web services is error prone and inefficient to do manually. Using an IDE increases a developer’s productivity.

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Rational Application Developer

For WebSphere Application Server V7.0, the preferred IDE for application development is Rational Application Developer. Rational Application Developer is built on the Eclipse software platform and features a wide array of tools that are used for developing, assembling, and deploying applications in Java EE and Web services.

Two variants of Rational Application Developer are available for use with WebSphere Application Server V7.0:

  • Rational Application Developer V7.5
  • Rational Application Developer Assembly and Deploy

Rational Application Developer V7.5 is a full-featured IDE with a complete set of application development tools for the Java EE environment. Rational Application Developer Assembly and Deploy is the Java EE application assembly tool that comes with WebSphere Application Server V7.0 and features only a minimal set of tools.

Table below summarizes the fundamental differences between these variants.

Rational Application Developer V7.5 Rational Application Developer Assembly and Deploy
Primary purposeFull-featured Java EE IDEJava EE application assembly tool for WebSphere Application Server V7.0
Development toolsComplete Java EE development toolsetMinimal Java EE development toolset
Web services development toolsJAX-WS and Java API for XML-based remote procedure call (JAX-RPC)JAX-RPC only
Test environmentEmbedded WebSphere Application Server V7.0 test environmentExternal WebSphere Application Server V7.0 installation